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For in a world where we are ever fearful, we must push ourselves to embrace looking foolish. We must strive to rejoice when we fail. We must see the truth instead of the lies we've been told. The lie that what is good is success. That what is good is money. That what is good is fame. That what is good is power. When in truth those are falsehoods. They are addictions of the ego. They are masks of insecurity. It is play, expression, experimentATION, vision, wisdom, and authenticity that are the true treasures. It is only the search and discovery of the true self that is worth anything in this existence. Everything else is a distraction. A distraction from feeling vulnerable and afraid. A distraction from having to wonder why we are here. And so I put down my shield. I take off my robes of illusion. My robes of money, and fame, and power, and I surrender to my soul. And my soul says jump! LEAP! Go headfirst into me. And there is where I will finally be

free and whole.